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Kid And Parent Friendly Common Core Standards For Middle School and High School

Middle School and High School Kid and Parent Friendly Common Core Standards

Common Core is the national education objectives that are currently in many states*.  (See which ones here).  I have discussed What is Common Core? How will it affect my child? and What can I do to prepare my child for Common Core?  I have also posted sample test questions for the assessment.  In this part of the Common Core series, I am answering the question: What does my child need to know for Common Core?

Each grade level has certain things they need to know at that grade level in math and English Language Arts/Literacy.  States began this test in the 2014-2015 school year.  Below you will find kid friendly versions of these objectives in English Language Arts/Literacy for middle school and high school.

Middle School and High School Common Core Standards Courtesy of April Wulbera

 Math Student Friendly
Common Core Standards For Middle School and High School

 7th Grade Math

8th Grade Math 

Math Standards Courtesy of West Middle School.

To view the Common Core standards in their entirety, please visit

*Want to know if your state is participating in Common Core?  Check out the end of the post: What is Common Core? to see if your state is listed.

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