Making Leprechaun Traps – Free Letter From A Leprechaun


Leprechaun Traps and a Free Letter From a Leprechaun

Leprechaun Traps & a Free Letter From a Leprechaun

Leprechaun Trap Idea Picture

Those silly leprechauns. They love to cause mischief especially on St. Patrick’s Day. Some people have awoken to find green footprints spread around their house, confetti strewn everywhere, and their breakfast turned green! If only we could figure out a way to catch them.

It will take some reasoning skills to do it, but I think it can be done. We can build leprechaun traps. Leprechauns love shiny objects, gold, silver, rainbows, coins (real, paper, or chocolate), four leaf clovers, and riddles. It’s best to camouflage the trap so the leprechauns can’t see it. You can use a cardboard box, net, or old cans. Whatever you use, your imagination is the most important element in catching a leprechaun.

Parents, here is a fun letter from a leprechaun that you can leave by the trap in the morning for your child to find.

Leprechaun Traps Letter From A LeprechaunView Printable Leprechaun Letter

Thank you to my friend Wendy for the picture of the leprechaun trap.

I would be happy to post a picture of your child’s leprechaun trap. Please send the picture to contact @ teacherhelpforparents . com

Martha Stewart Leprechaun TrapEven Martha Stewart made a leprechaun trap.  Check it out.

Leprechaun Trap CakeHave you seen the leprechaun trap cakes?  A yummy take on the traditional trap.  This one is from

Thank you to Ellen Byron for telling me about Martha Stewart’s leprechaun trap and the leprechaun trap cakes.

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