FREE Grade Level Reading Test

FREE Grade Level Reading Test

Are you wondering at which grade level your child reads? The best way to find this out is through your child’s teacher. If you homeschool, it’s summer vacation, or you just want to test for yourself, I have found an assessment that you can use from the National Right to Read Foundation. It tests both phonics and reading grade level. You can find it here. The link here and below has both the assessment and instructions for administering the test. It can give you a good idea at which grade level your child reads best from first grade through sixth grade.

Why is it important to know the grade level at which your child reads? Your child needs to be reading material that is not too easy and at the same time isn’t so hard that it is frustrating. When it is too easy, your child doesn’t have as much opportunity to improve. When it is too hard, your child can become frustrated and comprehension is reduced significantly.

Once you find out your child’s reading level, check out my post about motivating your child to read. It includes book series appropriate for each grade level. I also have posts for increasing your child’s reading speed and expression and how to help your child become a better reader.

Use This Test To Find Our Your Child’s Reading Level:
Phonics and Grade Level Reading Assessment

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