Volunteering at Your Children’s School

Volunteering at Your Children's School - Benefits for you and your children

A great way to help your children be successful in school is to get involved in their classrooms. It not only shows your children that you care about their education, but it also gives you a peek into their school world. You will be able to see first hand how they relate to peers and their teachers, contribute to discussions, and complete their assignments. It also gives you common ground with your children for when they talk about their day at school with you. When they mention a particular friend or procedure in the classroom, chances are you will know exactly what they are talking about. Just your presence will be appreciated by them.

If you are unable to go to your children’s classrooms to help due to work or other commitments, there are other ways you can get involved. See if there is a project such as correcting papers, cutting, gluing, etc that you can do at home. Your children could bring home the projects and then return them to school the next day. Chances are they will be full of pride as they hand the projects to their teachers knowing it was their parent who helped. Another way to get involved if you cannot make it during the school day is before or after school. Teachers need help with music programs, skate nights, movie nights, and other special times. You can also find out when your PTA, PTSA, or PTO meets. Some parent associations schedule meetings at lunch time or in the evening to give as many parents as possible a chance to get involved. Even if you cannot make it directly into your children’s classrooms during the school day to help, there are other ways you can can be involved.

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