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Read over the list of long e words together. On the top of a sheet of paper, make six columns with the six different ways to spell long e shown here. Let your child know there are other ways to spell long e as well that will be discussed at another time. Sort the words and write them under the correct heading.


e ee ey ie ea y
Be Feed Key Movie Team Happy
He Seem Brief Leaf

To extend this activity, have your child come up with three more words that are not on the list that would work in each column.

Last week, I posted a list of long a words for you to practice with your child. This week, I am posting long e words. Begin by writing the words on index cards. Continue practicing with your child until he or she can say the words accurately. Mix the cards up each time to further help with reading practice.

Once your child can read the words on the index cards, print out this list of words. Start by reading the list to him or her. Then, have your child read with you. Finally, have your child read independently. The goal is for your child to be able to read each list in under one minute.

Long E Practice

Be She He We Me
Because React Bead Beast Knee
Leaf Beat Least Bee Me
Beet Mean Brief Meat Cease
Neat Chief Need Creep Please
Deep Read East Seat Eat
See Either Sleep Feed Tea
Feet Team Greet These Happy
Key wheat tree Seem Leap
Steam Eel Bleak Leaf Heal
Movie Field Week Thief Piece
Parties Leeks Each Yield Cavities
Ponies Rubies Freak Breeder Jeans

Printable Long E Word List

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