Improving Your Children’s Relationship With Their Teacher (FREE Personality Assessment For Your Child)

Improving Your Children's Relationship With Their Teacher - FREE Personality Assessment For Your Child - From

Does your child have a teacher that he feels doesn’t quite understand him?  Does your child have a hard time adjusting to how the teacher interacts with her?  There is hope.  The reason may be a difference in personalities and understanding how to interact with those personalities.

There are many different types of personality assessments that you can find online.  One of these was developed by Gary Smalley.  He divides personalities into four types: lion, otter, golden retriever, and beaver.

The Lion Personality

Lions are people who like to take charge and are competitive.  Their communication style is blunt and direct.  They enjoy recognition and problem solving.

The Otter Personality

Otters are people who are optimistic and motivating.  Their communication style is encouraging and motivating.  They enjoy approval and social recognition.

The Golden Retriever Personality

Golden Retrievers are people who are peace-makers and sensitive.  Their communication style is indirect and they are great listeners.  They enjoy emotional security and an agreeable environment.

The Beaver Personality

Beavers are people who are accurate, precise, and analytical.  Their communication style is factual and they are great listeners concerning tasks.  They enjoy quality and exact expectations.

Looking at the descriptions above, you may be able to guess which personality type is your child and which personality type is your child’s teacher.  To find out for sure, here is a free simple personality assessment for your child from Gary Smalley: Smalley Institute Personality Assessment.

After reviewing the assessment, look at the matrix that comes after the assessment that will further describe the personalities.  You will find useful information about what your child needs.  You can also explain to your child the personality type that you think may belong to his teacher.  Show your child how his teacher sees the world and how it may come across to him.  It can make for a great teachable moment of understanding how people are different in how they think and relate.

Here is a great resource that you can find on Amazon, other retailers, or maybe even your public library.  It is a kid-friendly book that explains the four personalities in a way that is simple for children to understand: The Treasure Tree: Helping Kids Understand Their Personality.

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