The Importance Of Adjectives: Using Specific Adjectives

The Importance Of Adjectives - Using Specific Adjectives FREE PRINTABLE-

While reading Old Hat New Hat by Stan and Jan Berenstain, it occurred to me that this would be a great book for reinforcing adjectives. The book begins with a bear going into a hat store to find a new hat, but each hat is either too bumpy, too pointed, too big, too scratchy, etc. Explain to your child that adjectives describe nouns (in this case hats). Read the book with your child pointing out the adjectives as you read. Help your child understand that using specific adjectives when they write helps the reader to see in his or her mind what your child sees. If your child were to leave out the adjective or use one that’s not specific, the reader could see something completely different than what your child intended. Adjectives help to paint the picture in the reader’s mind.

After reading the book and discussing the importance of adjectives with your child, have your child come up with another object to describe. For example, they could describe a favorite teddy bear. Then have your child list adjectives that could describe the teddy bear. From the list, have your child choose three adjectives. Then have him or her draw three teddy bears using a different adjective with each bear. Show them that when they change the adjective, the picture changes as well. The same thing happens with the picture in the reader’s mind when you use adjectives.

The Importance Of Adjectives - Using Specific Adjectives FREE PRINTABLEFree Adjective Printable

If your child keeps a writing journal (which I highly recommend), have them choose an entry and add adjectives to his or her writing.

Extension: This book can also be used to reinforce the word “too” and its use.

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