Teaching Prepositions Through Writing and Play

Using Prepositions Through Movement and Writing - Great for Young Ages Too!

Inside Outside Upside Down by Stan and Jan Berenstain is a perfect book for reinforcing the concept of prepositions. In the book, a bear travels on a truck, outside, inside a box, and upside down on his way home. Explain to your child that a preposition is a word that describes the direction or position of a person or item (such as inside, outside, and upside down). Read the book with your child and point out the prepositions as you read. Help your child understand that if you changed the preposition, the bear would be in a completely different position.

After reading the book and discussing how prepositions define direction and position, have your child act out the book. Grab an empty box, reread the story, and have your child act out the preposition being used. Read it again, and this time, mix up the prepositions or add new ones, and have your child act out the new story. Your child could write his or her own directional story using prepositions and have you or a sibling act it out.

Using Prepositions Through Movement and Writing - Great for Young Ages Also!

Free Preposition Printable

If your child keeps a writing journal (which I highly recommend – see why here), have them choose an entry, change the prepositions, and create a silly story.

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