10 Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Gifts

10 Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week of May.  Teacher gifts to show appreciation do not need to cost a lot of money or any money at all.  They are just something to say thank you to teachers for teaching and caring for your child.  Here are some thoughtful teacher appreciation gift ideas for this week, the end of the school year, or anytime during the year.

1.  One year, my class gave me an apron (shown above) with every child’s name on it written with fabric paint.  It was perfect to wear each year when the class was doing art or a messy activity.

2.  Another year, a parent had each child write their name on a vase.  She then took it to a paint your own pottery store, and they glazed it for her.  She presented the vase full of beautiful flowers.

3.  Plants are a wonderful idea.  I enjoyed planting the potted flowers and plants I would receive in my yard.  They are now a great reminder to me of the wonderful students I have had over the years.

4.  I had some students over the years give me a picture that was taken of the two of us on the first day of school.  Sometimes they would write a kind note with it, frame it, or place a magnet on the back.

5.  Is your child’s teacher a sports fan?  Grab a football, basketball, soccer ball, or volleyball and have the class sign it.  The teacher will enjoy displaying it in his or her classroom.  Want to make it more individualized?  Have your child write a special message on a baseball or softball.

6.  A great idea for a beginning teacher is to have students write messages about what they appreciate about the teacher.  Place these messages and pictures into a photo album with extra blank pages left for her or him to add more pictures and messages in the years to come.

7.  Teachers appreciate gift cards.  You can make it more personalized by picking a store or restaurant they enjoy.  Gift cards do not have to cost a lot of money.  A $5.00 gift card to Starbucks will bring a smile to many teachers’ faces!

8.  When dropping off your child at the beginning of the day, why not bring the teacher a latte or another favorite drink?  I know of many teachers that have appreciated this over the years.

9.  Bringing your child’s teacher lunch from their favorite eatery is a wonderful idea that teachers like.

10.  One of my all time favorite teacher appreciation gifts, is a letter from the child and/or parent telling me thank you.  I have kept every single one of these letters and still enjoy reading them.

Remember teacher appreciation gifts aren’t about how much you spend, they are just a way to tell your child’s teacher thank you and that they are appreciated.

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