R Controlled Sight Word Lists

R-Controlled Words

I have combined all of my r-controlled sight word lists below.  You will find them in an easy to print .pdf for your convenience.  Practice these sight words with your children after they have mastered the short and long vowel word lists.  This usually happens around second grade.

R Controlled Sight Words AR R Controlled Sight Words OR
R Controlled Sight Words ER R Controlled Sight Words UR
R Controlled Sight Words IR


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3 Thoughts on “R Controlled Sight Word Lists

  1. Useful list of words – thank you! I’m definitely a believer in sending home explanations to parents so they understand what we are doing in the classroom. I like the phrase ‘bossy R’ as well – might use that one!

  2. In my experience, “Bossy R” is the term general education teachers use for vocalic Rs.

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