Fun New Year’s Eve Ideas For Kids (Free New Year’s Time Capsule Printable)

New Year’s Eve festivities can include fun ideas for kids.  Here are some ideas you might like to try:

Time Capsule

New Years Time Capsule

Why not make a time capsule.  Use an old shoebox, decorate it, and add items that remind you of this year.  You could include pictures, resolutions for the new year, a letter to yourself, a drawing, or even a New Year’s Eve newspaper.  You can also use our free New Year’s time capsule printable. Hide it away and open it next year on New Year’s Eve.  For more details click here.


New Year Eve Time Capsule Paper

Click here for a free New Year’s time capsule printable. 

Count Down Clock

New Years Eve Countdown Clock

As a teacher and parent, I love the idea of a count down clock.  It adds excitement for each hour leading up to midnight, plus it reinforces the concept of time.  You could use a paper plate.  Add glued on numbers.  Cut out the hour and minute hand out of construction paper and attach with a brass brad.  You could even tape a piece of candy onto each hour of the clock.  As each hour passes by during the day, have your child move the hour hand on the clock to the next hour and enjoy the piece of candy.  For more details click here.

Noise Makers

New Years Eve Paper Plate Noise Maker

What New Year’s Eve would be complete without noise makers?  Save your pots and pans from being dented by making paper plate noise makers.  Add dried beans or buttons to the inside of two paper plates and staple around the outside.  Decorate the outside of the noise maker with glitter or even tissue paper streamers around the edges.  For more details click here.

New Year Crowns

New Year Crown Craft

Use construction paper, glitter, glue, and markers to make your very own New Year’s Eve crown.  For more details click here.

Enjoy your evening with board games, charades, karaoke, and hot cocoa.  You could even play hide-and-seek as a whole family.

Happy New Year!

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