More Sight Words Your Child Needs To Know

Sight words are an essential element in learning to read.  Most of the words your children read are sight words.  Ekwall sight words (along with Dolch sight words) are used often by teachers to help students learn to read.  The Ekwall sight words are best for grades pre-k through third grade; although, students in higher grades can benefit by them as well.  You will find the Ekwall sight words below.  The words are listed in order of difficulty.

If your children are in preschool or kindergarten, have them practice one column at a time until they can read the words with ease.  Then move on to the next column.  This could take a couple days or weeks.  Be patient and move on when your children are ready so that you know they have truly committed the words to memory.

If your children are in first grade, have them read the list until the words become hard for them.  This is your starting off point.  Have them work on about 10 words at a time until they truly know them.  Then move on to the next set of words.

If your children are in second or third grade, have them read all the words to you in one sitting.  The best way to do this is to print out two copies of the word lists.  Give one list to them and keep one for yourself.  As they read the words, hightlight or mark the words they miss.  When they finish the lists, look back at the highlighted or marked words.  These are the words they need to still commit to memory to improve their reading skills.  Make flashcards of these words and work with them until they have learned the words.  If there are more than 20 words that need to be learned, break the words up into groups of no more than 20 to work on at one time.  Once one set is learned, move on to the next set.  Mix in some of the previous learned words from time to time as well for review.

Ekwall Words

Click here for pdf of Ekwall Sight Words
(4 pages – 295 words)

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