Reading Baskets

How To Use Reading Baskets At Home

A good idea for ages preschool through second grade is to have reading baskets (or tubs) through out the house. The baskets contain age/reading level appropriate books for your children to grab and read. They can be kept in your children’s rooms, the kitchen, family room, etc. Just having a few books in each basket through out the house will remind your child about books when they are wondering what to do next.

Keep the baskets “fresh” by rotating books every couple of weeks. You can simply switch out a few books from each basket and trade them with other baskets in the house, put some books away and take out others, or add new ones from the library,  store, or garage sales.  Some school libraries allow parents to check out books as well for their children.  You can even trade or borrow books from friends. Having a fresh assortment of books will keep your children more interested in using the book baskets and reading for enjoyment.

You can find a list of age level appropriate books here.

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