Preparing Your Child For The First Day Of School

Preparing Your Child For The First Day Of School - Tips To Make The First Day A Success - From

Right now, teachers are prepping their classrooms for the first day of school.  They are cleaning, organizing, and setting up their rooms.  They are meeting with other teachers and specialists, making lesson plans, and mapping out the school year.  They are doing all of this so that your children’s school year can be the most successful it can be.  Parents can also help to create a successful school year for their children with these back to school tips.

1.  When class lists are posted, look over the names to see which of your children’s friends are in their classes.  Set up a playdate or get together with at least one of the other students before the school year begins.  You can also include a classmate or two that your child does not know yet so that they can make a new friend.  Just make sure the playdate doesn’t consist of three people.  It’s too easy for two of the children to pair off leaving the third child alone.  Getting together with classmates before the school year begins helps to alleviate some of the first day jitters.  Your children can look for their friends when they get to school or even have a meeting place set up ahead of time.  One of the most nervous times for children is walking in for that first moment on the first day of school.  This plan will help to ease that nervousness.

2.  Pack your children’s backpacks (or have your children pack them) the night before at the latest.  This will ease first day stresses and will ensure nothing is forgotten.  Lay out the first day of school outfits the night before.  This saves any “crisis” the next morning of missing socks, shoes, etc.  Go over anything your children may need to remember the night before as well as the next morning.  Who is picking your children up from school, or what arrangements have been made for them after school?  What time will your children need to be ready in the morning in order to arrive to school on time?  Will your children be bringing or buying lunches?  Reviewing these things the night before will help ease any anxiety of how the day will run for your children.

3.  If you are going in with your children on the first day to meet the teacher, here are some things to help make it a successful experience.  Teachers enjoy meeting parents, finding out about their new students, and learning of any special requirements a child may need.   If you need to tell the teacher about a special requirement for your child (such as bladder needs, vision, hearing, etc), it’s a good idea to write it on a piece of paper or index card to hand to the teacher after you tell him or her.  Include your child’s name, your name, and the need.  This helps the teacher.  There’s a lot happening on the first day, and this makes it easier for the teacher to help your child.

4.  When you see your children for the first time after their first day of school, make it a special time if possible.  Go out for a treat.  Take a walk to the park.  Anything you can think of to provide full attention to your children as they tell you all the details of their first day of school.

Here’s to a great school year!

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