Teaching Fractions Through Art


My students loved this activity. I found it in a teacher resource book years ago, but I don’t remember which book. It works well for reinforcing the fraction concept after it has been taught.

ice cream scoops templateIce Cream Scoops Template (pdf)

Ice Cream Bowl Template

Ice Cream Bowl Template (pdf)

Each student receives a paper with nine predrawn ice cream scoops and a bowl drawn on it (or they can draw their own). Students choose at least three but no more than seven different kinds of ice cream (they loved this part). Next, they color in the ice cream scoops to match the number chosen for each variety.

Example of Writing Fractions on the Bowl


After this, they write down the fraction that each type of ice cream represents on their bowl. For example, if they have three scoops of chocolate out of nine scoops, their fraction for chocolate scoops would be 3/9. Finally, they cut out their scoops and bowl and glue them on a piece of construction paper. Some students also enjoyed decorating their papers, adding cherries on top of their sundaes, etc.

Fraction Sundaes

You could also take it a step further by having an ice cream party using real ice cream. Students could request the amount of ice cream they want using fractions. For example, “May I please have chocolate be 1/3 of my sundae?

Extending this fraction concept at home, look for opportunities to use fractions in everyday life with your child. For example, while folding laundry, you could ask, “What fraction of the socks are white?” Your child could count the total number of socks to get the bottom number and then then number of white socks to get the top number. You could ask, “What fraction of your books are animal books?” Your child could count the total number of his or her books for the bottom number and the number of animal books for the top number. You can also turn the tables and have your child ask you a fraction question. For example, “What fraction of the dishes on our dinner table are plates?”

Fractions are everywhere in our world. As your child can see how this concept relates to everyday life, they will better understand it.

Teaching Fractions Through Art (pdf for printing and saving)

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  2. paulina sandoval on November 1, 2012 at 1:45 am said:

    I love the progect we are doing especially since we get to draw and color

  3. I’m so glad. Learning can be a lot of fun.

  4. dfrideley on February 5, 2013 at 1:01 am said:

    I just found you through Manic Monday…great idea! Our 3rd Graders will LOVE this:)

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