Reading Fluency: Increasing Speed and Expression

Reading Fluency - How To Increase Your Child's Speed and Expression

Reading fluency is how many words per minute your child can read at his or her grade level.  It’s also the use of expression while reading.  The best way to increase reading fluency is through repeat practice at the child’s reading level.  The following are ideas that can be used during these repeat readings:

1.  Shared Reading – Your child listens to an adult read the passage first.

2. Repeated Reading – Your child reads the same passage several times.

3.  Neurological Impress Reading – Your child and you read the passage at the same time.  Continue reading at a comfortable speed just a bit faster than what your child is currently reading.  You will be acting as a “pacer” which will help your child read quicker and with more expression (think of a runner’s pacer).

4.  Echo Reading – You read one or two lines of the story modeling rate and expression.  Your child then repeats the line or lines back to you.

5.  Taped Reading – Your child reads the practiced passage while being taped.  They can then chart their progress on a chart, self-evaluate their progress, and listen for expression.

It is important to ask your child’s teacher to send home a reading passage or books at your child’s reading level to practice at home.  Most teachers have these resources and can send them home.

 Reading Fluency – Increasing Speed and Expression (pdf file for printing and saving)

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