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Once your child knows a letter or sound, you can begin making your own word lists together.  Word lists take letters and sounds to a higher level of learning where your child applies what he or she has learned.

Let’s take for example that you are working on the /oi/ sound.  After explaining the sound and some sample words, you can come up with more words together.  Post a large piece of paper on the refrigerator with /oi/ on the top.  As your child thinks of words through out the day or week, write them on the paper together.  Underline the letters that make the /oi/ sound.

To take it a step further, make two columns on the paper.  One side can say “oi” and the other “oy.”  Have your child decide which column the word belongs, and write it there.  Hint: most root words with the /oi/ sound at the end are spelling “oy.”  Most root words with the /oi/ sound in the middle are spelled “oi.”



oi oy
coin toy
boil boy
choice joy
noise overjoyed
This is an example of the root word (joy) ending in “oy.”

You can also use this idea for early learners.  After they learn a new letter of the alphabet, you can write that letter on a paper on the fridge.  As they think of words that begin with that letter, write the words on the paper.

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