Phonetic Sight Words – Short E

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Below is a list of short e words.  Begin by writing the words on index cards.  Continue practicing with your child until he or she can say the words accurately.  Mix the cards up each time to further help with reading practice. 

Once your child can read the words on the index cards, print out this list of words.  Start by reading the list to him or her.  Then, have your child read with you. Finally, have your child read independently.  The goal is for your child to be able to read each list in under one minute.

Short E Practice

Bet Beg Bent Cent
Desk Fed Felt Get
Help Kept Let Nest
Peg Rent Sell Tent
Vest Well Trend Mess
Egg Elf Elk Ten
Led Best Pen Vet
Bell Leg Pet Web
Best Red West Men
End Met Sent Wet
Jet Nest Shed Sled

Printable Short E Word List

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  1. I love the idea of having a site specifically to help parents with teaching skills. I found you through Manic Monday!

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